The Magic of the Sun Playing with the Moon

Opening this Weekend ( Saturday May 18th )

Press Release:

We are thrilled to invite you to the opening of BIG RAMP's latest exhibition, "The Magic of the Sun Playing with the Moon," curated by Alexandra Schoolman and Michelle Anne Harris. This unique showcase opens its doors six weeks following the mesmerizing solar eclipse observed on April 8th, which captivated many of us in the northern hemisphere.

Exhibition Details:

  • Opening Reception: Saturday May 18th

  • Time: 5:00PM - 8:00PM

  • Location: BIG RAMP Gallery, 2024 E. Westmoreland St. Philadelphia

This exhibition interprets the magical interplay between the Sun and the Moon, a relationship that not only inspires awe through celestial events but also influences our daily lives by controlling the tides and marking the passage of time. The recent eclipse, where the Moon cloaked the Sun for a brief but breathtaking moment, serves as a powerful reminder of their profound connection.

Featured in the exhibition are innovative works from several artists:

  • Stephanie Manzi presents captivating collages using recycled materials, exploring the nuanced transition from light to dark.

  • Kristin Neville Taylor offers a poignant installation titled 29.5 Earth Days, featuring antique photographic slides of the Sun and Moon that reflect on our fragile existence.

  • Japeth Mennes and Paolo Mentasti engage with themes of time and historical continuity through sun-bleached prints and speculative sundials.

  • Lauren Nickou reinterprets nocturnal landscapes in her electrifying panels painted in Vienna, while Amira Pualwan celebrates the refreshing joy of summertime public pools.

  • Jason Lazarus extends his intriguing series of handmade eclipse viewers, blending the art of camera obscura with the craft of amateur photography.

Join us for an evening of art and inspiration, where each piece invites you to reflect on the dualities of existence and the simple joy of being part of the cosmic dance. Light refreshments will be served, and artists will be present to discuss their work and the celestial phenomena that inspired it.

We look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be a memorable celebration of astronomical proportions!

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